Time to meet another one of the awesome instructors here at APEX.   Beth is our in-house spinning guru!  Her classes are fun, full of awesome music, and they really get your blood pumping!  If you have never tried a spin class before and are curious what it is all about – come and check out Beth’s class!


Beth Schamberger

What classes do you teach at Apex?

Spinning/Spin & Flex (half spin half weights)

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in Angola and have been a life long resident of Evans.   I am a Lake Shore graduate and currently a proud Lake Shore faculty member.  I teach 8th grade math at Lake Shore Middle School. I attended SUNY Fredonia for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  Outside of teaching, I coach swimming and have the full time job of being a mom to two amazing kids who are 7 and 4.    I enjoy traveling with my family and going on annual family trips to a warm beach!

Everyone’s fitness journey is unique.  What has yours looked like?

I have always been an athlete and involved in exercise.   I started working out in high school when I was prepping for swimming championships.  I immediately fell in love with exercise and lifting weights.  I have allowed my busy life to get in my way at times where I fall off the exercise train and need to get back on; once back on, it always feels great!

What is your best piece of fitness/health advice?

If you fall of the wagon, just get back on and start again; then, challenge yourself.

What is your favorite healthy food?


What is your favorite guilty, splurge food?


What personally, is your biggest challenge when staying on track to reach your fitness goals?

I truly believe that 90% of success with weight loss and fitness comes from what you eat. It is so hard to sometimes resist certain foods; for me, that is sweet/sugar.

What is your favorite quote/personal mantra?

We all have to start somewhere.

What inspires/motivates you?

Feeling strong keeps me motivated.

Favorite fitness gadget/equipment/book/clothing/etc?

My favorite equipment at the gym is a barbell.  I love a barbell class or workout.

What bugs you most in a group fitness class (any teacher pet peeves)?

I don’t really have anything that bothers me while teaching a fitness class, BUT I do like to see people try their best and work hard for the class.  It is only 45 minutes; you will be ok at the end of it! 🙂