About APEX: 

8656 Delamater Road, Angola, NY.

A comprehensive facility/gym offering fitness classes, martial arts, professional health services, infrared saunas, tanning and thoroughly supporting your individual health journey and unique needs.

Local Owner: Michael Scritchfield

About Us

APEX Health & Wellness

APEX is a fun, comfortable and welcoming wellness facility that doesn’t care where you start or what your end goal may be. 

Building community & making your unique needs our priority.

Comfortable, judge-free, family oriented environment.

Locally owned and operated...lifetime Evansonains 🙂

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more than a wellness center, we’re a family.



Connect, network and socialize with other members when you join a culture that fosters and encourages a healthy lifestyle.


Experience an innovative health club where your health and fitness goals are always our #1 priority and second best is not an option.


Balance your health, body and mind when you take advantage of various APEX services and classes geared to help you get healthy.

Ready to Join the APEX Family?

A no pressure approach to sign up for affordable and only necessary packages to assist you with your goals that suit your specific needs. We WANT YOU to WANT to be part of our APEX family!
We will be encouraging because let’s face it, we all need encouragement!