Dyan Scritchfield: Business Partner/Co-Owner of APEX Health & Wellness


While a gym was always more Mike’s dream than mine, I’ve grown to love this place for so many reasons.

I’ve never gone to gyms because I’ve always felt uncomfortable with my personal health journey. I always felt isolated and somewhat displaced. When Mike put the planning and research into my hands, I swore that every person that walked into the APEX experience would never feel that way. It is an environment for everyone with as little or as much support as you need or request. The environment is key. Everyone is APEX Family, regardless of where you are in your mind and body journey. Everyone on Team APEX shares this philosophy.



How blessed were Mike and I to find the perfect team that shared our philosophy and our mission. Team APEX brings the family environment with their compassion, expertise, kindness and undeniable knowledge. They are truly here for your well being. I know this well because every trainer, instructor and professional under the APEX banner has extended these courtesies directly to us and those who’ve already joined the APEX Family. There is no better TEAM and this community is blessed to have them.

Our unique approach.

Far too often with “gym” models, there’s a specific goal of working out, getting strong or losing weight. APEX is a universal approach with the APEX Pros. We help you with mind, body and spirit all under one roof. So many resources are available to you at APEX and we are continuously adding more!

APEX used to be my “task”. APEX is now my passion. I’m hoping that you will come in, meet us, utilize us as a resource and as a community hub. We are so waiting for you to be part of our family!

Much Love,

Dyan Scritchfield