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A few days after Christmas in 2017, my friend mentioned a Keto meal plan she was following. The sound of it seemed crazy to me. Eat things that are high in fat but eliminate sugar and almost all carbohydrates? That “can’t be good for you” is all I could think to myself. I have been programed throughout the years to lose weight by “low fat, low calories, low carbs, low sugar.” I have never been on a program that allowed high fats. Fat is what makes people fat is what I learned. I even took nutrition classes that taught me, “people aren’t fat unless they eat fat.” So, my whole life, I have always follow a low fat diet while struggling to keep weight off and feel satisfied when I restrict my calories.


After reading up about a Keto meal plan, going to my annual Drs appointment, and talking to my sister-in-law who has Master’s Degree in Nutrition, I realized I needed to try it. I always remember my sister-in-law eating really high fat foods, like avocados, oils, bacon, while having very little body fat. I was tired of every other program not making me satisfied. I was always hungry, weak, shaky, had low blood sugar, etc. I often felt weak during many workouts when I tried to lose weight. So, I jumped right in with following a Keto meal plan; I quit carbs and sugar immediately!


A few days into my Keto meal plan, a friend at work approached me about taking some exogenous ketones. I had never heard of exogenous ketones let alone how ketones work in your body. I thought ketones were something that pertained to people with diabetes (that was all I knew). I then began to read up on taking exogenous ketones. I had no idea how many health benefits exogenous ketones could have on a body! It seemed like a win win situation. I had just started the Keto plan, and ketones work best when you follow a Keto plan.


So, I said yes to a 10 day trial pack of the ketones. By day 3, I knew I wasn’t going to give up taking my ketones. By day 5, I knew it was going to be a permanent lifestyle. I was not going back to carbs and sugar, thanks to my ketones! The ketones really help me have great energy, mental focus/clarity, fat loss, and overall a sense of feeling happy. Again, I needed all of this in my life! At about day 6 I started to worry about running out since my 10 days was almost up. At that point, I decided to jump right in to being a Pruvit Promoter. It worked for me – which means it has to work for everyone else if they are committed to the plan! I was committed! I was NOT going back to that lifestyle. I didn’t have a single cheat during my 10 days. The ketones really suppressed my appetite and took away any feeling of desiring sugars or carbs. It gave me mental clarity, took away my inflammation in my joints, and made me feel amazing.


During my 10 day reset, I lost about 1 LB per day! I have NEVER in my life lost weight like that during a 10 day period, let alone without working out! At the end of 5 weeks, I was down 15 pounds, again, without working out. I am so excited to achieve my fitness goals again using exogenous ketones and fat as my energy source! I have the energy and feel amazing! I do not crave carbs or sugar! This is the biggest accomplishment in my life – I have always been a carb junkie!

I am now 10 months into being Keto and have kept off 45 pounds. I haven’t gained a pound back while having small little “cheats” here and there. I allow myself a sweet when it is a special day or event; my biggest accomplishment is that I now only have one small little piece and I am satisfied. Something I will never go back to is eating bread, pasta, pizza crust, wraps, etc. Who would have ever thought that I could go 10 months without ever eating pizza, bread, pasta, etc?!!! I am so proud to say this was a lifestyle change for me. This is the first time EVER that I have truly made a big change that didn’t just last a few weeks.


Keto is for me. It works and I feel amazing. I am in this for the long haul!!
Beth is a life long resident of the Town of Evans. She is a teacher at LS Middle, and a busy mother of two children. She loves working out, traveling, and watching her kids play sports/activities.