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Angola, NY.


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 A comprehensive facility/gym offering fitness classes, martial arts, professional health services, and thoroughly supporting your individual health journey and unique needs.

About Us

APEX Health & Wellness

APEX is a fun, comfortable and welcoming wellness facility that doesn’t care where you start or what your end goal may be. We’re just grateful to be the support you need on your desired wellness journey! Everyone is different and unique! We are all about celebrating THAT!!

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Let’s do this…


Our spinning classes are group workouts on stationary exercise bikes in which participants go through a series of phases, from warm-ups to more intense levels and back to cool-downs, all set to energetic music and led by our dynamic, motivational instructors.

Power Pump

A popular interval class that focuses on building muscle. 

Participants will focus on building strength through the use of dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls.

Strength training is key to increasing metabolism and burning stored body fat.  PowerPump is a challenging workout that can easily be modified to fit your fitness level.  

Cardio Combat

This class will “kick your butt”! Cardio Combat is a high-energy, martial-arts inspired workout that is set to motivating music. It is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master. You’ll release stress, have a blast and leave feeling like a champ!


is more than a wellness center, we’re a family.

Team APEX is here to help you or to leave you alone and let you do your thing!!! APEX is a judgment-free zone full of respect and kindness as we support you on your wellness goals!



Do you want to be an important member of this special team?
Email your qualifications, certifications and letter of interest to teamapex@apexexercise.com

Stephanie Radomski

Stephanie Radomski

APEX Group Fitness & Facility Coordinator

Over a decade’s worth of  practical fitness experience combined with her positive and fun approach to fitness make Stephanie a great asset to team APEX!

Michael Scritchfield

Michael Scritchfield

Owner/Warhorse MMA Operations

Mike’s long history in martial arts is what created the foundation for the Warhorse MMA banner as well as the creation of the APEX facility.